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  • I purchased a very clean 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V from Elite two years ago. The price was great, the service was very fast to get my son and I through the paperwork and out the door. Everyone was very helpful and they gave the car one last check before we drove it home. Two years later, the car is still going strong! Thanks Ted. Mark Testin - Downers Grove
  • I have never felt the urge to write a testimonial until now. Purchased my 2005 Jaguar from Elite a couple of months ago and couldn't be more pleased. Dealt directly with the owner Ted (but everyone was great) who helped me get this auto financed. I had terrible credit due to medical bills, but he didn't even flinch at the opportunity to help. There was no high pressure sales tactics at all - he just wanted to make sure I was able to get the car I wanted. I've dealt (and purchased new) with new car dealers who could learn quite a bit from this organization. I have highly recommended this dealership to everyone - including family and friends. We will definitely be purchasing my daughters next car from here in the near future. Matt Harman - Addison, IL
  • Mr. Juan Martinez and team was very polite and professional in selling me the 2001 Subaru Forester. Temple Garner Temple Garner - Bellwood, IL
  • My family has bought at least seven cars from Ted in the last 5 years, He is a man of his word and the rest of the sale guys are too, He backs up his promises 100%. He does what he says and if you buy a car from him and it has a problem he makes good on it. I highly recommend him if your looking for a good used car !!!!!! Thanks Ted and the rest of the sales guys .. NICK T Nick T - Elmhurst,il
  • [Apologies in advance - a lengthy, but well-deserved review] I was toying with buying an inexpensive convertible for a fun summer car. Didn't think I'd find anything at a reasonable price in good condition, let alone in the middle of summer in the Midwest. And as someone who has bought LOTS of cars over the years, I operate with the well-deserved assumption that a car dealer's job is to work hard to take advantage the customer. And a used car only dealer? The worst of the worst. I was shocked and surprised when I visited Elite Car Outlet. They specialize is less expensive cars and everyone I have dealt with has been AMAZING. Low key, no pressure, and a pleasure to deal with. I worked with Ted, the owner, who has been in this location for decades. Turns out the car I was interested in had a few minor problems (check engine light came on air conditioning wasn't blowing cold). While these are often problems you have to accept when buying a less expensive older car, Ted said not to worry he would take care of it. They AC was topped off, the check engine light addressed, and I bought the car. After buying the car, the light came back on. I hesitated to call, assuming I would get a polite version of "pound sand". Ted simply said, "when can you come in"? He and his terrific mechanic Arturo are taking care of it. This is AFTER the car is bought and paid for and yes, the check cleared the bank. Who does this? A dealership that is honest, ethical and does business the old-fashioned way. I have already recommended Elite Car Outlet to several friends. If you are on a budget, you are a target for every unscrupulous dealer out there. Instead, go to Elite, where you will likely find something within your budget, and you will be treated well. If you see an older dude driving around in an older Toyota Solara Convertible with the top down and a big grin on my face - say howdy! I have Elite Auto Outlet to thank for helping my find a great car at a great price. Larry S - Skokie, IL
  • I told my son who wanted me to buy a Chevy volt, it had to be a certain price and not beat to hell. Well, he found it at EliteCarOutlet. They had a very nice model with low miles and had a decent price. Enjoyed the experience. It did not suck like other used car buying! Thomas Hulina - Lisle, IL
  • Awesome people to have a deal with. I bought a 2002 Toyota Camry which has 1,50,000 miles and after two days starter didn't work so I called them they told me to toe the car and bring it and I thought they might charge me for the starter but they just kept the new starter for my car but I thought he might charge me for the parts but he didn't charge and just told me to pick the car. They didn't charge me for anything so I was glad and happy thank you for all your services. special thanks to Ted, Jimmy, Juan. we will next time definitely buy from this dealer only and i recommend people to buy from this dealer Jignesh shah - elk grove village illinois
  • Purchased a well maintained 2004 Toyota Corolla LE from this dealer, dealt directly with Ted the owner and Jamie. These guys bent over backwards to help me, Jamie even met me half way to deliver plates as he lives near me. Some of the reviews on yelp can be brutal to these guys, but they are awesome. Just remember when you buy a used car, you are buying used car problems, cars state right up front "NO WARRANTY". Ted has the CarFax up for each of these cars on his website, take advantage and look at the history, most of his cars have been very well maintained. Thank you so much Ted to you and your crew, and keep up the good work. May God continue to Bless you guys. Howard Whitlatch - Plainfield, IL
  • I was involved in an auto accident on 3/11/16 and needed a van to replace mine.I found the van I needed on a website called where my dream van was waiting at Elite Car Outlet.The sales person (Mr. Juan Martinez) was polite,and very helpful in arranging the purchase! A no hassle purchase,like buying groceries,picked what I wanted and He made the rest EASY!!! Thank you you taking care of my new auto purchase!!!! Joseph Stewart - Elkins Wva 26241
  • I went to Elite Car Outlet back in April. I had been searching for a car from many different places. I started off at one used car dealer and they gave me the worst experience i have ever been through. When i found Elite I saw two cars that I was very interested in. I called them on the phone and told them which two I was interested in and they said they assured they would still be on the lot ready for me to look at and test drive when I arrived. When I got there both salesmen were amazing and I could tell they really wanted to help me out with getting me the right car for me. I went there with my father and grandfather and Elite was just great to all of us. After choosing the car I wanted, which was a 07 Hyundai Elantra, they allowed us to test drive and the car sounded amazing. It was clean and there was nothing wrong with the car itself. These guys take car of their cars and they will do anything to help you financially when it comes to a loan or negotiating. I would recommend them to anyone because they did everything to help me with a great experience and my family and I will definitely be back to do more business with them in the future! Nicholas - Downers Grove, IL
  • I was looking for a dependable low priced vehicle. Not an easy task but after lots of searches and call and trips, I came across a Toyota Camry they had. Living in Monroe and trying to shop online you have to open you search radius pretty wide. Leaving the options of Milwaukee and Chicago as the main locations of available cars meeting my criteria. !00 miles either way. So i gave a call to Elite, Ted answered the phone. He was very pleasant and listened very closely to my questions. I informed him that i was 100 miles away and asked it there was anything he could tell me about the car before i make a drive to help me decide if this car had any issues that might deter me from the purchase. Ted asked to put me on hold, we went out to the car checked all the basic things, wipers, washer, windows, A/C, gave it a good walk around and came back letting me know there was some minor paint issues which i had no concern about, and that all the items he checked were functioning well. So i asked a couple questions about living in Wisconsin and buying in Illinois. He was very knowledgeable and informative. Gave me all the info I needed to be prepared if i decided to go ahead with the purchase. He also said that since I am coming from so far away and it was going to be at least 2 hours travel time he assured me he would hold he vehicle for me and basically treat it as sold till i get there. To me that is huge, on a Saturday when im sure they are super busy and I am sure I wasnt the only one looking at that car, he made sure that my time wasnt wasted and there was no guarantee I was going to buy it. So after over 2 hours of driving Ted met me as I walked onto the lot. Had the car ready and got me in it and test driving it within minutes. I decided this car was everything i was looking for and had a great price. From there the experience continued to get better. Ted did all the paperwork, and got us completely taken care of. We also had wonderful conversation, not a stereotypical sleezy salesman, Ted is a down to earth, honest, strait forward, and absolutely no bullshit. I am planning on seeing Ted again to buy another newer vehicle in the future. I was looking while i was there he has cars for all price ranges and styles. I also plan on seeing him sooner as my wife and I invited him up for Cheese Days next year and he very graciously accepted. By far the best buying experience I have had, and look forward to the next one. Ted is a great guy and definitely a great guy to meet. John - Monroe, Wisconsin
  • What a awesome car and people, was a joy to do business with them, Juan is great and the owner is very cool guy !!! Robin Kurshinsky - Durand Illinois
  • I bad/poor credit, they worked hard to help me get into a vehicle. I am very happy with the overall experience and will definitely send people their way. Thank you again Jimmy D - Elk Grove village
  • I have bought 3 cars from elite, one for each of my kids. Never had a problem with the cars or the staff. Great people, easy to deal with. Dave P - Bellwood, Illinois
  • We want to thank you Ted and Jamie, you guys have beautiful hearts.. I only wish that every dealership and business in America was the professional and honest like yours. What you did for us with this purchase was unforgettable... We will be always thankful for people like you both . Wish you all the best in the future and see you again :) Derrick F. - Streamwood,IL
  • I had a wonderful experience making a purchase with Juan Martinez. He was polite, transparent, and very professional. I highly recommend buying a vehicle with Elite Car Outlet! Great service and great prices! Justin shlemon - Wonder Lake
  • On our way home, Saturday 8/21/21, from a visit to relatives in North Carolina, our car engine blew up near Lafayette, Indiana. After having the car towed to Lafayette, it was obvious the car had seen its last trip. We managed to get home the next day by renting a small U-Haul since no car rentals were available in Lafayette for at least 2 days. On Monday we immediately started looking for a car to replace our vehicle. Since we are both retired, we just wanted to pay cash and not be burdened with a car payment for several years. After researching many online car ads, an ad for Elite Car Outlet popped up for a 2003 Volvo V70 station wagon. Not only was the car beautiful, but it only had 135,000 miles for a price of $3,500. After checking out ads for other Volvos, this was an amazing price for a quality car. Needless to say, my wife and I immediately drove to Elite to look at the car. After looking at and driving we loved it. I simply could not believe the condition and quality the car was in including no rust and a perfect body. In all my years of buying cars (I’m in my 70’s), I have never had such a wonderful experience with such great people. Jaimie was our salesman and could not have been nicer, more professional or supportive. He immediately gave me a Carfax report for the car. The car air conditioner stopped working when we had driven back to Elite and Jaimie immediately said that will be fixed before we buy the car. Although the compressor needed replacing, they replaced it and had the car ready for us the next day at no extra charge. Elite Car Outlet and all of their personnel get an A+ in my book for professionalism and making us so comfortable with their low-key approach. The next car we buy will definitely be from Elite and we cannot recommend them highly enough! Joseph and Lynn Glymph, Chicago, IL Joseph and Lynn Glymph - CHICAGO
  • We have purchased (3) great little used cars form these guys over the years. They have been fair and backed up what they have sold us. Jamie knows what he has on the lot and really cherry picks what he shows us. We have needed inexpensive vehicles for our kids and this little dealership has been a lifesaver! Thanks Jamie & Elite! Mike & Sherri - Villa park
  • Buying a used car comes with so many unknowns and risks, and my biggest fear was purchasing a car that might appear great, but might have expensive hidden problems. Ted was very thorough and patient with us and answered all of our questions. He even said if there's anything wrong with it, go ahead and bring it back and he'll make it right. The paperwork we signed explicitly said we were purchasing the car "as-as" with no warranty. Still, we had our mechanic check it the next day, and some issues were discovered that would cost hundreds of dollars to fix. We called Ted, expecting to run into resistance, but Ted said "bring it in and we'll make it right". No questions asked. True to his word, they fixed everything the next day. I can't recommend these guys enough. They restored my trust in people who are true to their word. Brad Kappeler - Glenview, IL
  • Great people to do business with, very helpful , and polite, they made my purchase easy and harmless,the guys are great, Juan , Jaime and Ted a great to deal with. I will definitely recommended to friends and family John Anderson - Third lake, Il
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